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Veteran homelessness has faced America for decades. Meeting the basic needs of shelter is critical for any human being to reach their fullest potential. Veterans Outreach Center's Residential Community includes emergency shelter, transitional, supportive and independent living.

Veterans Outreach Center operates Richards House and Otto House to serve homeless male veterans. The facilities accommodate up to 28 residents in a safe homelike environment, where they receive vital mental health services and addiction treatment as first steps toward making positive, long-term lifestyle changes.

The late Reverend Thomas Beddoe Richards served in the United States Air Force 1942-1946 as a chaplain and was awarded the Bronze Star. As a resident of Rochester, N.Y., Rev. Richards attended Colgate-Rochester Divinity prior to graduating as a member of the class of 1937 at Bucknell University. He was later awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Divinity in 1963 from this same institute. The Reverand Richards focused his life's ministry among the homeless and underpriviliedged of our community and, specifically, within the city of Rochester. Veterans Outreach Center acquired the building at 785 South Avenue in March, 1999. It was dedicated to the memory of this veteran in honor of his significant contributions to the betterment and well being of our homeless population.