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June 10-14th, 2017

Veterans Outreach Center’s annual Flag Day campaign celebrates the Red, White, and Blue as the symbol of our country. Held each year on the weekend preceding Flag Day and on Flag Day (June 14th), we commemorate the Congressional adoption of the Stars and Stripes as the United States’ official flag on June 14, 1777. 

To share the pride of Old Glory, volunteers distribute over 30,000 flags and information on VOC’s services and accept donations to support the programs and services that Veterans Outreach Centerprovides to veterans, active servicemembers, and their families. 

Volunteer shifts are four hours in length and are great for groups, families, and students!  We are always look for more help. To volunteer or learn more, click the “Volunteer” button to the right.  

Educator Resources

In 1885, as a 19 year old teacher, Bernard J. Cigrand started the campaign for Flag Day as a class project.  We have collected many resources to help educators develop a curriculum around the celebration of Flag Day.  If your class would like to partner on a Flag Day project, please contact Kevin Gross (295-7833).